If a participant fails to comply with these rules, the organizer is entitled to withdraw the participant’s pass and ask him/her to leave the event without refund of any fees.


Participants have to wear the wristband at all times. It is mandatory to show the wristband at the entry of classes and parties.

Items and valuables

The organizes do not take any responsibility for participants’ valuables and assets.

We have cloakrooms where you can change. Makes sure to take your items with you when you are leaving for the classes.

The organizers will keep lost & found properties for one week after the event has finished.

Physical Injury

There is a risk of physical injuries during dance activities. It is the participant's responsibility and decision to do any dance activity during the event. Do your best to be careful – for yourself and for the others as well!

The organizers do not take any responsibility for participants’ physical injuries.


Participants have to accept the decisions of the teachers and organizers during the event and especially during audition.


Participants (their image, voice) may appear in media (like photo, video, event DVD) that the organizers or representative will record during the event. The organizers can use these media files for any purpose related to Citadel Swing or other artistic purposes in any form. Participants agree that these media files are the sole property of the organizers.

Refunds & Cancelation Policy

There is no refund in case some part of the program is not realized (for example a teacher is not participating because of illness or canceled flights).

Paid Registrations will be refunded based on the below schedule:

  • 70% refund if canceled before 15th July
  • 50% refund if canceled before 15th August
  • No refund for cancelations after 15th August

As an alternative - you are able to transfer your registration to someone else with prior approval and instructions (requirements) from organizers.

Unpaid Registrations are bound by the same cancelation policy from above, however we will not hunt you down for that payment. Just note that Registrations with offline payment are based on trust and as such, our trust in you has been tarnished.


Participants are not allowed to record or take photos of classes, unless the teacher permits it.

Dance floor etiquette

Please take care of our dance floor by using a pair of dancing shoes which you don't use outside. Don't bring in any chairs, tables, food, drinks, cigarettes or dance talc and please don't use metal heels.

Please do not bring any drinks on the dance floor, it's dangerous for everyone dancing who may slip on a spilled drink and hurt themselves. Any drinks found on the dance floor will be immediately removed by the staff.


A minimum of 5 people (including the Group Leader) can form a valid Group. Groups are formed by people of the same Location & Country.

If a Location has less than 5 people interested in the event then they can join another Group from the same Country.

Internation Groups (Groups that contain people from multiple Countries) are forbidden. If someone registers this kind of Group we reserve ourselves the right to remove any discounts applied to it.

Offline Payment

Registrations with offline payment have to be discussed with Andrei or Lumi first.

They have a 3 weeks payment settlement deadline. After that the current pass prices will be applied.