Maxence & Virginie

Maxence & Virginie

Previously a high-level judoka, Maxence started his dance carrier with Lindy-Hop in 2005. He quickly fell in love with WCS and has been trained in the US with the greatest. Atypical and out of the ordinary teacher, he draws the strength of his teaching from the knowledge of body and spirit control that he mastered in judo. Nowadays, Maxence is one of the most popular teachers in the world.

Virginie started her dance training when she was only five years old. Beginning with the Rock'n'Roll and the Boogie Woogie, she moved to individual dances, like modern jazz, classical and contemporary dance. Virginie discovered WCS in 2007 and since, she is considered as the best WCS follower in Europe.

Maxence and Virginie started a great partnership in 2012. Today they travel all over the world together to teach and share their passion, West Coast Swing.

Michael & Patty

Michael & Patty

Michael Kielbasa has been dancing since he was 5 years old, under the guidance of his mother, Carmen Garcia, and uncle, Michael Kiehm. However, it wasn’t until the age of 17 that Michael began teaching & dancing competitively.

Michael teaches all of the American style Ballroom and Latin dances as well as Swing, Hustle, Salsa, Lindy Hop and other current club dances.

Michael has won several 1st place Championship Titles in the Swing venue and is currently teaching, judging and competing worldwide almost every weekend. Michael began competing in the West Coast Swing circuit and Classic Division in 2003. Since achieving his Business Degree, Michael devotes many hours to private dance lessons and choreography. Michael has many top placements in West Coast Swing Jack & Jill, Strictly and Classic Division Competitions.

Patty Vo is universally regarded as one of the top female West Coast Swing dancers in the world.

She is known for her superb “feel for the music”, creativity, versatility and especially her dynamism and charisma on the dance floor.

She is also a highly respected international instructor, judge and competitor. She has won numerous national competitions and awards, including placing five times at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships. Patty teaches all over the world. She is a tough teacher who focuses on technique (centering, musicality, footwork, lead/follow skills, etc), musicality, timing, creativity and most important of all: having fun. Her classes are challenging, innovative and insightful. Her methods have produced some of the best dancers in the USA.

Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown is a current Champion level competitor with over 18 years of experience. He is recognized as a top international instructor, Chief Judge, NASDE Circuit and US Open SDC judge, DJ, event promoter and dance business consultant. Chuck has won numerous national competitions and awards, including placing at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships several times and making the Champions Division J&J finals at various NASDE events.

As a dancer artist, Chuck is known for his musicality, creativity, versatility, and especially, his amazing lead. It has been said by many of the top dance pros, he is one of the best social dancers and leaders in all of West Coast Swing. His dance training includes West Coast Swing, Hip-Hop, House, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Blues, Carolina Shag, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Hustle, Zouk, Kizomba, Country, African and others. He is a student of dance first; always training to improve his knowledge and skills.

Chuck is one of the most sought after instructors/coaches in dance. His teaching methods have produced some of the fastest moving and successful dancers in WCS. He has taught in over thirty countries, including Australia, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy,Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA and many more. He is an incredibly passionate and tough teacher who cares deeply about his student’s dance goals as well as their friendship; it’s evident in his workshops and private lessons. He has and is significantly impacting the Global West Coast Swing community in a positive manner.

In addition, he is the owner and event director for the San Francisco Dance Sensation, The After Party, and Hawaii Dance Sensation: the most innovative and fun WCS events on the circuit. Chuck is known for ‘pushing his events past the norm.” In addition to his own events, he also consults many other events around the world.

Chuck is on the road most of the year working as a dance artist and bases between Bend, OR; Finland and Singapore.

Most importantly, Chuck is extremely passionate about teaching his students! He pours his heart into his job and many people around the world say that his passion, knowledge, spirit, and love for helping people is one of a kind.

Jakub & Emeline

Jakub & Emeline

Natively from Czech Republic & Reunion Island, Jakub and Em took their first steps into the dance world at the age of 16 and 12, both starting with Ballroom Dancing (Latin, Standard & line-dancing).

After her arrival in France at the age of 18, as Em sought to start a new dance form, she bumped into a video of Jordan & Tatiana and fell in love with WCS right away. Being trained by Maxence Martin, gave her access to solid knowledge which she later used to develop her own dancing and teaching style. Today she acts in the WCS Community not only as a teacher but also as a DJ and photographer.

Jakub's dance world consists of social dances such as Zouk, WCS and Salsa but there is also a part of solo or group Modern and Contemporary dances. He started to dance and compete in WCS in 2014, guided mainly by Maxence Martin and Mario Robau, while using a lot of his background knowledge in his approach. His philosophy in dance is focused on communication. Nowadays he lives in Brno, teaching, dancing, choreographing and competing.

They were both hooked since they discovered WCS and were especially drawn to the creativity, musicality and freedom within the dance. They first started teaching together in a styling workshop in June 2016, thanks to Adam and Rita. At the end of the weekend the students suggested that they should partner up, so they did :D

Paul & Coleen

Paul & Coleen

Paul Warden started line dancing in his teens. After a few years Paul got acquainted with West Coast Swing, an introduction that changed his life profoundly. He is one of the first non-American dancers who competed and placed in the illustrious champion division. Paul is known for his elegant style, versatility and ability to interpret music all the while maintaining a deep connection with his partner. He is one of the most active social dancers among the wcs pros.

Coleen Man is now one of the top ranked West Coast Swing Dancers in UK and Europe. After quickly rising up the ranks she is now competing in WSDC Allstar Division. After finding West Coast Swing in 2010 she has since been competing all over the world and started teaching and judging internationally within the last 4 years.

Her love of dancing did not start with West Coast Swing, Coleen has made dance her life. From a young age she took Ballet, Tap and Jazz lessons and has gone on to become a registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance the most prestigious ballet organisation in the world. She has since become the Principal of her childhood dance school, now renamed the Coleen Man Dance Academy. She has also taught for many other national organisations such as Stagecoach Theatre Arts and Jigsaw Theatre Arts.

Her partner dancing began in 2007 after she began Ceroc lessons and after only 3 months she became a qualified instructor. This led her to find West Coast Swing in 2010 and she hasn’t looked back since.

Coleen styling draws influences from Zouk, Contemporary, Hip Hop and of course her classical dance training giving her a very individual look. She is constantly looking for new dance avenues to explore to widen both her dance knowledge and in turn her unique style.

She has sought instruction from many of the top international Champion WCS teachers and has recently passed her Global PDIA Advanced Elite certification in West Coast Swing, taught by Michael Kielbasa, which now also enables her to train teachers for the GPDIA. She regularly teaches for West Coast Swing UK as well as many other popular venues in the UK. She also runs Swing Academy UK.

Her vast dance knowledge, not only in West Coast Swing, and her 15 years in dance teaching has meant that both her private lessons and group classes have become popular both in the UK and in Europe. She strives to make both Leaders and Followers the most sought after dancers, because of their smooth connection and ability to have a “conversation” within the dance. With her competitive and judging experience both in the UK and Europe, she’s also a natural source for the dancer wishing to improve their competitive dancing.

Philipp & Karla

Philipp & Karla

Philipp has started dancing ballroom and latin in the year of 2013. After a year of dancing in a salsa team he started to learn west cost swing and fell in love with it quickly. He got his early learning with different top international instructors.

In 2017 he was in the USA for practice with Gary McIntyre for his Rising star routine, which division he has also won that year.

Philipp is teaching ballroom and latin locally in Freiburg for almost 2 years, but has a main focus on teaching west coast swing now.

Karla-Anita Catana started her dance training with Ballroom and Latin at the age of 5. When she was 10 years old she was introduced to WCS by the Schwimmer family, and has fallen in love with the dance ever since. She has trained with the best WCS teachers, but her mentors are Michael Kiehm and Ben Morris. She is also trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, and Lindy-Hop. She now dances at the All Star level, and is a certified GPDIA WCS instructor and judge.

Adam & Rita

Adam & Rita

Adam and Rita first started teaching Boogie-Woogie together in 2002.

They also competed that year and became Hungarian Champions. Many of their students became Hungarian Champions themselves and were successful even internationally. Some of them are still teaching and developing the Boogie community in Hungary.

Adam and Rita fell in love with West Coast Swing during a demo class in Munich, 2007. After that they sought every opportunity to learn more and more. One year later, mostly to the gentle push of around 60 of their students, they started teaching it. Very soon Adam and Rita had to give up Boogie teaching completely to have the time and focus to build the Hungarian West Coast Swing Community.

Together, they now teach 7 different weekly classes, from beginner to competitor levels. The couple is invited all over Europe, from France to Russia multiple times yearly to share their knowledge and experience.

Adam and Rita organize the biggest West Coast Swing events in Hungary: BudaFest and Hungarian Open. These are recognized by the World Swing Dance Council and bring together top teachers from all over the world. They are very proud of having built a Hungarian West Coast Swing Community that is among the 4 largest ones in Europe.