Top Questions

What's this about a Guided Tour?

We are organizing 1 guided tour of 2 hours through the historical city center of Timisoara, with the best local Tour Guide. It will be on Friday, starting from this location. For details about the exact hours please see the schedule.

Important The price is 5 EUR per person, not included in the pass price, payable at the start of the tour, directly to the tour guide.

Those who would like to participate, please mark the corresponding field in the Registration Form, after choosing the Pass you would like to purchase.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer the following payments methods:

Paypal: use your Paypal funds to pay for your Citadel Swing Pass

Credit Card: use direct payments via Credit Card to settle your accounts with us

Offline Payment: In order to register using this option please first contact Andrei or Lumi directly! We will only accept offline payment registrations from people who previously contacted us about it.

After your registration is done, you have 3 weeks to finalize the payment, after which, the current price will be applied.

Registration / Checking In

How do I check-in / register / get my wrist band?

You will need to show some form of valid ID (passport, id card, drivers licence) when you check-in, because your tickets are tied to your name.

If you are not registered, you can do so on the spot. Please refer to the registration desk in the entrance hall.

If you have questions regarding the on-line registration process, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We are glad to help.

I am an Advanced / All-Star WSDC Dancer, how do I register?

You register using the registration form. There's nothing special about it. Trust us, we will know who you are ;-)


How to select your workshop level

Your workshop level will be determined automatically upon registration as follows:

Level 2: you have less than 6 Novice Points or no WSDC Number

Level 3: you have between 6 Novice Points and 15 Intermediate Points

Level 4: you have between 16 Intermediate Points and somewhere between 30 and 45 Intermediate Points

Advanced & All-Stars: you need to have at least 1 Advanced Point

How will the Workshop Auditions work?

Your workshops start on Friday with the Auditions. Please check the schedule for details on timing.

We encourage everybody to participate in the auditions, but especially those dancers who's automatic assignment based on their WSDC Points does not represent their current skill level.

The Audition itself will consist of a 30 minute workshop in which patterns of different difficulties will be taught. You will be judged by our teaching staff based on how quickly and how well you can pick up on each pattern. This system will hopefully allow them to better judge your current skill level, giving both you and them more time to make an impression.

The teachers decision will be final. Please don't ask to be moved up or down after the audition.

After the audition you will receive your event wristband at the registration desk.

If you have missed your audition, you will participate at the workshops assigned to you based on your WSDC level.

Are the workshops gender balanced?

Yes. We will take extra special care during the registration & audition process in order for every level to have a 50% - 50% gender balance. We want to ensure that all of you get the maximum benefit out of your workshops and that you don't spend half of it waiting for a leader or a follower.


Will I get WSDC points if I place high enough?

Citadel Swing is a WSDC Registry Event, so our JnJ competition offers WSDC points.

How do I register for the Jack & Jill competition?

You can sign up for your Jack & Jill competition when you register or during the event. Please check the schedule for details on timing. Late entries will not be accepted, sorry!

What are the Jack & Jill competition levels?

There will be 5 divisions of JnJ: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and All-Star.

How many songs will we dance to in the Jack & Jill competition?

Newcomer, Novice and Intermediate divisions will get 3 songs. They will rotate randomly before each song. For the higher divisions different rules apply.

When / what is Marshalling?

The Jack & Jill competition starts with Marshalling! Please check the schedule for details on timing.

We will post the heats in time so you know when you have to line up.

We will place you in the right order and the whole heat marches onto the dance floor at once. This will help us be on time.

Do you offer strictly competitions?

Yes, we do! We will organize two divisions: Novice / Intermediate Strictly and Open Strictly.

Can i dance in a higher division then my current WSDC points allow?

Yes. You can dance one level higher than your current WSDC division by petitioning for it.

How does your petition process work?

We'll make it easy for you. Just tick the petition option on our registration form. Based on that, we will prepare the petition form, already filled out, waiting for you at the event check-in. You will have to sign it and bring it back to us for review by our Head Judge before the Jack'n'Jill registrations end.


How do I make sure I don't damage the dance floor?

Please take care of our dance floor by using a pair of dancing shoes which you don't use outside.

Don't bring in any chairs, tables, food, drinks, cigarettes or dance talc and please don't use metal heels.

Thank you!

Can I bring drinks on the dance-floor?

Please do not bring any drinks on the dance floor, it's dangerous for everyone dancing, they may slip on a spilled drink and hurt themselves.

Any drinks found on the dance floor will be removed by the staff immediately.

Thank you for understanding.