The Plan


Your workshops start on Friday with the Auditions. Please see the schedule for details on timing.

The Audition itself will consist of a 30 minute workshop in which patterns of different difficulties will be taught. You will be judged by our teaching staff based on how quickly and how well you can pick up on each pattern. This system will hopefully allow them to better judge your current skill level, giving both you and them more time to make an impression.

The teachers decision will be final. Please don't ask to be moved up or down after the audition.

After the audition you will receive your event wristband at the registration desk.

If you have missed your audition, you will participate at the workshops assigned to you based on your WSDC level.

Our workshops will be gender balanced. This means that for each level we will ensure a 50 - 50 % participation of both leaders & followers. This also means that, at some point, we will have to close registration for one role, so make sure to register as soon as possible to secure your place.

How to select your workshop level

You basically just fill out the registration form and everything takes care of itself. Nevertheless, if you want specific details, you can find them on our FAQ page :-).


Workshops are amazing! You improve your technique and learn new moves. Learning is the first part however, we all know that practice makes perfect and what better way to practice than a party? Or actually four parties!

Pre-party on Thursday

For the early arrivers, we'll get into the groove right on Thursday night, with a welcome party in a nice & cosy place.

Friday's Party

The second will be on Friday where you can take the opportunity to meet your colleagues for the next few days.

Themed Saturday's Party

In order to spice things up a little, or better said - tint them a bit, you'll have to match your hair color to Sir George Swingalot. Inside tip: he likes magenta. But don't fuss too much about getting the embelishment stuff. You'll have everything prepared for you by our staff. You'll just have to dig in. Your hair, that is.

Sunday's Party

The fourth and last party of the event will be on Sunday. Use this opportunity to dance until the sun comes up and share contacts with your new friends. You will definitely meet them at other events, so stay in touch. :-)


Jack & Jill

For this edition of Citadel Swing we are offering five JnJ competition divisions: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and All-Star.

Registration for the JnJ competitions end on Saturday! For details on timing please check our schedule. Late entries will not be accepted, sorry! Newcomer, Novice and Intermediate divisions will get 3 songs. For the higher divisions different rules apply. Everybody will rotate randomly before each song.


This year we are offering Strictly competitions. We will have two divisions: Novice / Intermediate Strictly and Open Strictly.


Your competition starts with Marshalling! For details on timing please check our schedule.

We will post the heats in time so you know when you have to participate. We will place you in the right order and the whole heat marches onto the dance-floor at once. This will help us be on time.


Before being event organizers and West Coast Swing promoters, we were (and still are) dancers. As dancers we found it hard to find and purchase dance wear. We struggled to find the right pair of dancing shoes & clothing to complement us on the dance-floor. We thought of many ways to make this easier for us and for you, so the Marketplace is the best idea we had so far.

So what is this Marketplace about?


First of all, it's about you, the dancer! If you want to get that new pair of shoes or cool shirts and accessories, you will have the chance to browse through the available items.


Second of all, it's about you, the creative soul! If you personalize or distribute dancing shoes, clothing or accessories make the most of this opportunity and show them all off. Bring your stuff and we will make sure that you have a reserved spot to advertise & sell it. There are no costs involved, we want you to keep all the profits. Please contact us as soon as you decide to participate in the marketplace, so that we can take care of the organizational aspects.


And last but not least, it's about them, our local manufacturers & partners. They all make our lives as dancers much easier and we feel that it is our responsibility to help them get to know you and your needs. Below you can find a list of partners who already confirmed their attendance to the Citadel Swing Marketplace. Please check back often, as this list will get updated as soon as others will confirm.

Please check the schedule for details on timing. See you there!

Partners: to be announced.