The event will be held in a beautiful new location called Palladium Dance Club situated at only 5 minute walk from Hotel NH Timisoara, in an area easily accessible by car, near the university campus.

This spacious venue is home to two studio spaces - a total of 400 m2, fully equipped, modern and bright, with electrical windows, air conditioning and a professional sound system.

It also has a comfortable lounge area with a well-stocked bar and 2 spacious changing rooms.

This year we will have a secondary venue – located on the same street – 1 minute walk from the main venue / 4 minute walk from Hotel NH Timisoara - which we will use for workshop activities and private lessons.

The Dance Stage studio includes 2 big ballrooms and 4 smaller dance studios – a total of 700 m2, with air conditioning and 2 changing rooms.

From Hotel to venue